System management & support services

Aviation IT Systems can setup, install, configure and support your servers, computers or data networks. We have system and network engineers to help you choose, install, configure, and maintain the right hardware and system software for your organization.

System support

IT Support is a critical function for every company that relies on communications and computing. Aviation IT Systems takes the worry out of maintaining and supporting networks and computers.

We offer support services that include on-site services as well as remote monitoring and management for your critical applications, systems, network or databases.

Network support

We offer a full range of network infrastructure solutions and services, which includes:

  • Firewall and Security Management
  • Security updates, Access Management, and Patching
  • Server Support
  • Secure Remote Connectivity
  • Domain Management and Hosting Services
  • Account and System Administration
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Network audit

Contact us for an audit to ensure you are getting the most value out of your IT budget. We will check everything advising you of no action or a list of known issues, available upgrades, and other improvement opportunities.